International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Current Era

International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Current Era

About the conference
International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Current Era is an event that brings together experts from various fields to discuss, exchange ideas and present their research in a specific area of interest. This conference will provide a platform for researchers, academics, and practitioners to network and collaborate, as well as learn from each other. The goal of a multidisciplinary conference is to encourage interdisciplinary thinking and cross-fertilization of ideas, and to promote the advancement of knowledge and understanding in a particular field.
This conference covers a broad range of topics and include a variety of presentations such as keynote speeches, panel discussions, poster sessions, and paper presentations. Participants can choose from a range of sessions and workshops, which may cover topics such as cutting-edge research, emerging technologies, best practices, and real-world applications.
In addition to providing opportunities for professional development and knowledge exchange, this conference also play an important role in fostering collaborations and partnerships between organizations, academic institutions, and other stakeholders.
Overall, this conference provide an important forum for advancing the frontiers of knowledge, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, and fostering innovation and growth across a range of fields and industries


We invite papers from Academicians, Researchers, Business Leaders, Experts and Executives from industry to submit original and unpublished work on any of the following themes or sub themes. However the themes and sub themes are indicative. The researchers can submit the paper relevant to the conference.
Authors should electronically submit full length paper in MS word, maximum 8 -10 pages (Single columns, Times New Roman font size 12 with 1″ margin on all four side) to Email:

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