What Are Free Journals

With relentless advancements in digital technology, getting hold of a reliable journal publication agency has become easier than ever. Like previous times, no more one needs to experience any hassle to find a publication company to publish their research paper or journal because of the presence of a number of journal publication sites.

Research Solutions Global has been coming to the significant rescue of all those individuals for years who want to publish their journals. If you are done writing your paper and intend to publish the same, get in touch with us, as we can help you find one of the best free journals for publication

5 Best Free Journal Publication List

  1. Core- It is a multidisciplinary aggregator of open access research. This free journal publication allows the user to search for more than 66 million open access articles.
  2. ScienceOpen- It functions as a research and publication network. ScienceOpen allows open access to more than 28 million research papers in all areas of science.
  3. Directory Of Open Access Journals- This is a multidisciplinary, community-curated directory that allows the researcher to access high-quality peer-reviewed journals.
  4. Educational Resource Information Center- It is an institution of Educational Sciences that allows you to search by topics of the material related to education.
  5. Social Science Research Work- It is a collection of papers of the Social Science Community. Social Science Research Work offers more than 700,000 abstracts and more than 600,000 full-text documents.  

Read the following to know how much easier it is to find a suitable journal to publish your paper successfully if you rely on us.

Selection of a Journal

Consider giving us the responsibility as we can assure you that we will find a trusted and affordable online journal publication for you in a quick time. You won’t have to take any extra hassle or get disappointed as you can easily avoid unnecessary rejection by making a submission of your paper to appropriate journals through us.

Make sure that after knowing the criteria of a particular journal, you prepare your paper accordingly. You should also format the content of your paper that you want to publish, keeping in mind the guidelines of the free journal publications. Doing such things is essential to increase the chances of getting your paper published in a reputable journal.

Prepare for Submission

We can help you outline the crucial steps in making the preparation of your research paper. It is of the utmost importance to stick to the particular guidelines for authors of the free journal publication to which you intend to submit your paper.

To obtain quality information regarding the publishing procedure, checking the publishing process guide correctly is vital. It consists of some key topics that include rights of authors, ethics, and plagiarism, besides article and journal metrics.

Submission & Revision

Through Research Solutions Global, you can easily submit your research paper to free online journals for publication. You can easily access your submitted paper and do the necessary revision if you wish before it gets published. After re-submission, the editor of a highly sought-after free journal publication in India takes your research paper into consideration.

After the paper passes the initial screening, the experts in your field conduct the peer review. You need not worry even if it is considered inappropriate by one of the selected free international journals for publication; you will get suggestions from the chosen journal’s editor to transfer your submitted research paper to an appropriate journal for publication.

After we help you choose a free journal for paper publication and your paper gets published, we can also help you promote it to accomplish a significant impact on your research. You will become more visible in your research field if you keep sharing research and accomplishments with your targeted audience.

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