Publication In Good Journals Usually Take Very Long Of Time. Is There Any Fast Track Publications Journals Also?

It is a known fact that academicians from across the world face pressure to publish in prestigious journals. Also, the journal impact factor is the commonly accepted indicator of journal influence and prestige. 

Though most of the journals have a lengthy review process, few journals give fast publication if the correct process is followed. We at Research Solutions Global are aware of the intricacies of the fast publication journals with impact factors. Being a reputed and responsible research solutions provider, we always stay relevant in the industry. 

We ardently believe in empowering academic authors with the knowledge of good publication practices. At Research Solutions Global, we always strive to be trusted advisors who can help make research more accessible and simple. 

Our expertise in fast track publication journals, coupled with one of the largest in-house editing teams, sets us apart. 

How Can a Fast Publication Journal SCI Benefit You?

Well, there are various benefits of rapid publication that can help you in various ways. Let’s take a glance at how our rapid journal publishing services can be beneficial for you. 

  • Bolsters your Chances for Postdoctoral Applications

 In most cases, the publication is basic eligibility for postdoctoral positions. Moreover, a majority of applications for grants are time-bound. That’s why shorter journal turnaround times would help you meet application deadlines. Possessing a list of published papers would also strengthen your candidature for the post. At Research Solutions Global, we ensure that the journal is published rapidly. Our in-house expert team follows the format of journal to give you the desired results.  In case you want to learn about the format of Journal, you can contact our Team for more details. 

  • Renders you a Competitive Edge 

In the realm of scientific research, the more number of journals you have published, the better is your popularity. In other words, your reputation as a researcher depends heavily on the published papers. With the rapid publication of journals, you would have a definite competitive edge over others. 

  • Provides you with Increased Visibility

If you want to build your publication profile in a shorter period, the fast publication journals are your ideal choice. The rapid publication also provides you with immense global opportunities as a researcher. 

  • Helps you Plan Ahead 

When you build your publication profile rapidly, you can plan better. Research Global Solutions is always committed to providing you with the best assistance with various journals on various genres. 

We Facilitate Professional Peer Review Services 

Well, the call for papers journal may be exciting, but one has to be careful! To be precise, more than 50% of rejections occur after the completion of the peer-review process. Also, note that the peer review process can take anywhere from a month to 120 days. 

In simple words, this duration of peer review is a wastage of time. However, with Research Solutions Global, you don’t have to wait for months to get feedback. We are adept at providing professional peer review services in a shorter amount of time. 

Our professional subject matter experts can provide you a complete review within a week. Our in-house experts belonging to your field of study would pinpoint the areas that need improvement. What’s more, they would also provide you with suggestions to make the peer review process simple and easy. 

Research Solutions Global is also a familiar name in the field of manuscript editing service. Our trained and experienced teams thoroughly analyses your manuscript for the structure and strength of your research. 

A whopping number of researchers also believe that the peer review process can greatly improve the quality of their publications. So as you can see, our trustworthy peer review services can help with the process of fast publishing journals.    

With Our Publication Support, Your Paper is in Safe Hands

Our journal experts are adept in incorporating all the suggestions by your reviewer. In other words, we would strive hard to ensure that your  article is compressively written to match the standards set by reviewers. 

In the realm of rapid publication, you need to find publication support that would help you with its versatile functions. Research Solutions Global can help you comply with the top-notch standards set by competent authorities. 

We have the capability to send you the edited journal manuscript in less than seven days. Researchers who are just commencing their publication journey can find it a bit difficult in the initial phase. With our comprehensive support on fast publishing SCI journals, you can now build your publication portfolio much rapidly. 

So what are you waiting for! Schedule a consultation session today to know more about the fast publication of journals.  

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