Is There Any Particular Format Of Writing Research Papers?

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Penning down the perfect research paper is not always an easy task. Getting the correct research paper format also can be tricky sometimes. Therefore, you need professional services to take care of such assignments. 

Formatting Of A Research Paper

An ideal research paper should have below listed formatting

  • A research paper should be on 8 ½ ×11 inch white paper with 1- inch top, bottom, and both side
  • The research paper front should be 12 point Times New Roman
  • The cover page of the research paper should be in APA papers and are centre aligned
  • Each page of the ideal research paper should have a left-aligned header with the title of your study
  • Each page of the research paper should have a right-aligned page number on the top (including cover page)
  • The first word in each paragraph of the research paper should have indent, except in the abstract
  • In-text citation of the other studies, reports, and article including the author’s/organization’s name along with the publication year

While formatting research paper focus on above listed research paper format.

Professional Team to Do Your Research Work

At Research Solutions Global, we have an excellent panel of experts to take care of your research paper. No need to worry about spending long hours to decode the right format for writing a research paper. You need not have to go through sleepless nights to prepare or research the papers anymore.

We are right here to carry out all these works only for you. We offer you professional services to pen down the perfect research work following a strict research format. We have the best resources for you who are talented and have years of experience dealing with such projects.

We Love to Hear About Your Choices

Formulating any research paper requires a lot of exploration and knowledge. Your paper should be able to highlight your skills perfectly. Therefore, we have a keen interest in strictly dealing with your choices first.

That means we love to hear out your expectations from each of the format of a research paper. Once you are clear about your requirements, our professionals would be ready to formulate it as per your needs. 

Hence, if you have been trying to get hold of such services at affordable rates for your research paper, look no more beyond us. Give us a call to get an insight into our services and packages in detail!

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